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What is an E-gift Card?

Unsure of what gift to give? PowerPlayMindset E-gift card is perfect for anyone!

Purchase a PowerPlayMindset e-gift card in any amount of your choosing, and we'll send it to your recipient . (Hint: You can gift one to yourself, too!) 

It works just like the regular gift card; however, we will send it via email with a code that your recipient can use to place an order on our website.

Amounts Offered:






P.S. Currently only available in the US.


How to use an E-Gift Card?

The PowerPlayMindset E-Gift Card works just like a regular e-gift card. We will send it via email with a code that you or your recipient can use to place an order on our website.


Enter the code in the space provided upon checkout on the Payment section and click “Apply”.


Your total amount payable should be deducted based on the amount of the E-Gift Card used.


Proceed with the checkout process, and voila! Your order is now complete!


Refund Policy

All E-gift card purchases made on our website are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. Once submitted, it is final, and we are unable to cancel the order at any time.


Can we adjust the recipient receive date?

No, we do not have the option to modify the receive date. No worries! Once the purchaser receives a copy of the gift card email, they can share the code at any time.


Can we apply a discount code to an order if using the e-gift?

Absolutely! Discount codes are still applicable on orders using the E-Gift cards.


How many gift cards can we purchase per order?

Multiple E-Gift cards can be selected and purchased simultaneously but before adding it to your cart, be sure to choose either to send it to yourself or to the gift recipient.


Can we still cancel and request a refund once it was placed?

It's on Final Sale which means no returns or exchanges.


When will my card expire?

Planning to use it later? Not a problem! The value of our e-Gift card does not expire