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Digital PowerPlayMindset Cards

Digital PowerPlayMindset Cards

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Carry portable daily affirmations to boost your mood and attitude. Positivity facilitates the development of traits such as inquisitiveness, adaptability, and resilience. Instill positivity and thankfulness in your daily life with this set of 47 empowering affirmation cards for women.

Get in the habit of picking up a card with your morning coffee, before night, or whenever you choose, and you'll soon find yourself thinking more positively. Positive affirmations for every aspect of your life - The 47 cards can be explored in one of five sets: relationships, leadership, confidence/self-esteem, self-care, and spirituality.

Get in a better frame of mind and start the day on a positive note with some uplifting affirmations that won't take up much of your time but will stick with you all day. Take your favorite affirmations to the next level by utilizing them as journal prompts, as part of a mood board, or as part of a meditation practice. Use these uplifting affirmations and mantras as daily reminders of the power of positive thought.

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